Vs. 22 — Remove from me reproach and contempt, For I have kept Your testimonies.

Thomas Manton:

1. It is no strange thing that they which keep God’s testimonies should be slandered and reproached. 2. As it is the usual lot of God’s people to be reproached; so it is very grievous to them, and heavy to bear. 3. It being grievous, we may lawfully seek the removal of it. So doth David, and so may we, with submission to God’s will. 4. In removal of it, it is best to deal with God about it; for God is the great witness of our sincerity, as knowing all things, and so to be appealed to in the case. Again, God is the most powerful asserter of our innocency; he hath the hearts and tongues of men in his own hands, and can either prevent the slanderer from uttering reproach, or the hearer from the entertainment of the reproach. He that hath such power over the consciences of men can clear up our innocency; therefore it is best to deal with God about it; and prayer many times proves a better vindication than an apology.


Father, I do not experience the contempt and hatred from the enemies of the Gospel, those ravenous wolves who with gnashing of teeth hate righteousness and life, as many of my brethren do, even this day. Remove the reproach and contempt from the saints who suffer for Your name’s sake. Deliver those who are imprisoned, beaten, and tortured. Uphold them from faint heartedness, weariness, and despair. Fill them with joy and peace, strengthen them in faith by grace, so that Your great power and great love for Your own might be known. Show their enemies whom it is they are kicking against–the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven, Jesus Christ.

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