Vs. 132 — Look upon me and be merciful to me, as Your custom is toward those who love Your name.

Thomas Manton:

THE prophet having praised the word, and expressed his affection to it, presents his petition to God for a favourable look from him, upon the account of his grace and mercy, according to the manner and law of his dispensations towards others of his people. They that love the word may with the like confidence expect the grace of God. (Manton, T. (1872). The Complete Works of Thomas Manton (Vol. 8, pp. 365–366). London: James Nisbet & Co.)


Father, Your heart towards Your own is brighter than any sun, deeper than the deepest ocean, and more favorable than we have the capacity to fathom. The mercy that you extend, yes pour, upon us through Christ Jesus has no limit and no strings attached. It is all because of Your love for us. This faithful, constant, never-changing view and action towards and for us is shown and proven in the sacrifice of Thy Son that redeemed us to Thee. O’ that we would see and bathe in the knowledge of such love and delight in the joy that You have for us, for those who love Your name.

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