Vs. 135 — Make Your face shine upon Your servant, And teach me Your statutes.

Charles Bridges:

The believer’s incessant cry is, Let me see “the King’s face.” This is a blessing worth praying for. It is his heart’s desire, his present privilege, and what is infinitely better, his sure, everlasting prospect—“They shall see his face.” Rev. 22:4. (Spurgeon, C. H. (2009). The treasury of David: Psalms 111-119 (Vol. 5, p. 388). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.)


Father, make Your face shine upon Your servant, and teach me Your statutes. It is Your face that I seek. It is Your favor that I desire. Help me to stop seeking to please men when it is You whom I need to please. Help me to stop trying to persuade You when I need to persuade men … of Your love and grace. Teach me how and why from Your word, wherein lies truth and liberty.


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