Vs. 156 — Great are Your tender mercies, O Lord; Revive me according to Your judgments.

William Cowper:

Two epithets he ascribes to God’s mercies; first, he calls them “great,” and then he calls them “tender” mercies. They are great in many respects: for continuance, they endure for ever; for largeness, they reach unto the heavens, and are higher than they; yea, they are above all the works of God. And this is for the comfort of poor sinners, whose sins are many and great; let them not despair; his mercies are greater and more; for since they are greater than all his works, how much more greater than thou and all thy sinful works!… The other epithet he gives them is, that they are “tender” mercies; because the Lord is easy to be entreated; for he is slow unto wrath, but ready to show mercy. (Spurgeon, C. H. (2009). The treasury of David: Psalms 111-119 (Vol. 5, p. 419). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.)


O’ God, I would fear Your judgments if I were left in my own righteousness and sin. But because of Jesus Christ I know that Your judgments towards all who are in Christ are merciful. This is why Jesus came. This is why He had to come. This is why I need His cleansing and imputed righteousness over me. Though my sins are many, yes even too numerous to count and too great to carry, and they are ready to condemn, Jesus has paid for all of them, yes all. Your mercies towards me are both Great and Tender. There, under such a flowing fountain, I will eternally abide. Great are Your tender mercies through the Savior. Therefore I can say, ‘Revive me according to Your judgments, O’ Lord.’

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