Changing Your Purpose of Prayer

To understand this post, you need to read the previous post. Really, you should. The emphasis is having a new purpose of prayer–the motive and reason that you pray and commune with your God and Savior. This new purpose puts an emphasis on building a relationship with God rather than seeking Him primarily as a resource. This new purpose would make a person’s relationship with God as both the beginning and end reason to pray. In a nutshell, it is seeking FIRST and FOREMOST the face of God rather than the hand of God.

A Shift in the Purpose of Prayer

“…  prayer is much, MUCH more than bringing requests to God.”

“So WHAT IF … God wanted you to view prayer as a means of seeking Him, to know Him, and to grow towards Christ? Let me say it from a different angle. WHAT IF you approached prayer with the purpose of KNOWING God … rather than GETTING FROM God?”
(excerpt from the book:  “A Reason to Pray at Mountainview.”

In the book, the main character–Mark Terrell, held a view of prayer that is common among Christians and non-Christians. It is a view that sees prayer as a 90:10.