Jeff Beard

Jeff Beard

I am a bi-vocational pastor at Muddy Creek Baptist Church in Powhatan, Virginia. My pastoral background ranges from Presbyterian to Pentecostal, Baptist to Non-Denominational. I believe that this diverse background has given me an understanding of various theological camps within the Body of Christ. My wide ecclesiological (that’s a mouth full) background has helped mold my personal theology and bring me into the camp of the Reformers.

Besides serving as a Pastor, I enjoy writing biblical study guides and novels with their purpose of being vehicles to teach biblical principles and theology. Stories have a way of bringing the theoretical into the daily grind. They touch our affections and thus penetrate into our personal lives.

I hold a Master of Arts in Religion, from California Graduate School of Theology, and a Master of Business Administration, from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business. Currently my wife and I are enjoying serving our King with a wonderful church family, while being empty-nesters in beautiful Virginia.

My theological anchor?

1. My Confession of Faith is defined well by Charles Spurgeon’s “Baptist Confession of Faith (1689).”

2. Personal heroes of the faith? Yes, Charles H. SpurgeonJohn BunyanDr. Martyn Lloyd-JonesG. Campbell MorganGeorge MullerHudson Taylor, and the list can go on and on. Yep, I like to read and learn from the dead guys and stand on their shoulders to see the truth and glory of the Son. (Go ahead and click HERE for something about the dead guys from wonsterproduction.)

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