My books fit into a unique genre–Fiction / Non-fiction. Really.

The stories are fiction, but they are used to teach non-fiction. The purpose of these novels is to teach biblical principles, doctrine, and application to help others grow towards and in Christ Jesus. The stories are the vehicles to communicate what our hearts need, that is, to hear from God through the scriptures.  The stories portray people who live day-to-day like you and I do, in a real world with real ups and downs, pains and joys. Grab a book and follow along and see how biblical truths are applied and lived out, worked out, and enjoyed in everyday life.


My first novel was published in 2012 – A Reason to Pray at Mountainview (A Novel to Revitalize Prayer).

My second novel was released this summer – The Place of Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15)

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I am currently working on two projects: (1) A Study Guide to go along with “A Reason to Pray at Mountainview” and (2) A third novel that addresses the topic of the Assurance of Salvation.

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