O’ Lord, “You are good and do good; teach me your statutes.”

All that God does is good. Everything; all of the time. It is His nature. God does not choose to do good, it is good because He does it. The same is with His love: He does not choose to love, rather it is love because He loves. The nature of God is good, as it is righteous, just, eternal, and other perfections. For instance, in the six days of creation He made everything good. It was good because He made it. Therefore all that He is, by virtue of being by and from Him, is good.

A person may disagree that everything that He does is good, but can you really make that claim? Are you perfectly good and therefore able to discern and judge that God is not?

Nothing God does is in the slightest bit strayed from pure, perfect good. He is good and does good.

Isn’t this a “good” thing for us? That is a “good” question. We want God to be good, perfectly good, right? We can trust all that He does, allows, and plans as being perfectly good. We want that, at least most people do. But is there a negative to Him being perfectly good? Yes, there is. Not negative to Him, He remains good. But if He is good, what are the ramifications towards anything that is not good? I’ll post more on these questions later.

For now, relish in His goodness and be fully assured that all that He is doing is righteous, just, and perfectly good.