a-reason-to-pray ECOVER, 07142013This Novel is somewhat of a “Why Pray” type of book? Its intent is to stir a desire and give you reasons to pray. Heart-felt reasons to pray.

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Sometimes a story becomes the best way to see and learn something new. Here lies the purpose of Mark Torrell’s story. What if you found yourself in a place of pain or suffering, or alone and guilt-ridden? Would you be prone to pursue God, or to be angry with Him? What if in a time of despair you prayed and prayed, and yet no answers seemed to be on the horizon? What would be your conclusion or response? Mark finds the weight of all of these questions upon him, because they were more than just questions. And they just happen to culminate on him in one place at one time.

Fear, an immediate crisis, and a haunting past set the stage. What Mark doesn’t expect is the arrival of a new friend who is willing to help, at an unexpected time and in an unusual manner. During this unique friendship Mark is given five lessons that are meant to radically change his view of prayer, his cries of desperation, and his relationship with his God. This may have been the last thing that Mark expected at Mountainview Hospital, but it definitely wasn’t the only surprise.

Find out what Mark learned about prayer that changed his perspective and his direction of faith. His story may even hit close to home.

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