If you are In Christ, then you are free. You are free with an exclamation point. We need to be careful not to replace His exclamation point with a comma and add to what He did and Who He is for us. Don’t add requirements, rules, or yokes of bondage of human-works to the simple Gospel of Grace. It is by faith alone; grace alone, in Christ alone, … plus nothing!

John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

The “Indeed” is Christ’s exclamation point. Don’t add a “… yea but …”


A Confession of Freedom

Jesus, You set me free and I live in Your Grace …

So that I can enjoy You, my God and Savior;

So that I can bathe in Your Love, in Your kindness towards me, and drink from Your fountain of Life;

So that I can walk with You and talk with You in both the Good times and in my struggles and heartaches;

So that my flesh nature will grow weaker and more dim in its influence and voice;

So that I can become the child & son who You created me to be;

And so that I may know You, My God and Savior.


I live free from the fear of Your rejection;

Free from the fear of disappointing You;

Free from worrying if I’m good enough, strong enough, righteous enough, or religious enough.

Because I am not and I can’t be, and Jesus Christ is for me.


I live free to love You without wondering how You love me;

free to be just me, and I don’t have to strive to be like anyone else – to be a ‘cookie-cutter’ Christian;

I can live free from what others think about me because I know What You think about me.

free from Who religious people try to make me to be, which is like them;

free from trying to keep a list of requirement to be loved by You.


I am free to serve my God not because I have to, but because I can and want to serve You;

I am free from all requirements to be saved, to be accepted, and to walk with my Jesus;

I am free from my past, and that includes yesterday. I can enjoy the Now with my Savior and Father;

I no longer live under a yoke and in religious shackles, but in the Ocean of Grace.

That is why I boast in nothing but the Cross.

I am free… TO LIVE!

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  1. This is a keeper folks. This is anointed and foundational Truth in every believer’s life. If only this would seep into our souls. If only we would let this roll around in our thinking and mentally chew this like spiritual bubble gum. Being SECURE in the wondrous love of the Lord of Heaven, Christ Jesus, is life changing and life renewing! Well done Pastor Jeff! Well done!

    1. Ken,Thanks. If we could stop adding ‘stuff’ to the Gospel and just live in the freedom of His grace, wow!
      Chewing Gum. good one.

  2. Wow!! Thank you Pastor!

    1. I wrote this in my journal while thinking about preparations for a sermon that I delivered yesteday. We are amazingly free. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!

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