Vs. 51 — The proud have me in great derision, Yet I do not turn aside from Your law.

William S. Plumer:

It is a great thing in a soldier to behave well under fire; but it is a greater thing for a soldier of the cross to be unflinching in the day of his trial. It does not hurt the Christian to have the dogs bark at him.


Lord, though the proud and arrogant mock my faith and scoff because I have chosen to follow You in the path of righteousness, yet I do not turn aside from Your law. You have shown me that the treasures that are in You do not compare with the treasures of this life. Though I am a stranger in this world, You have prepared me an eternal home before the face of the Father God. I prefer to be a doorkeeper on the porch of the house of God than to sit in the tents of the ungodly. You are my King, precious beyond words. If the whole world laugh and ridicule me, so be it. I am Yours!

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