Vs. 127 — Therefore I love Your commandments More than gold, yes, than fine gold!

Charles H. Spurgeon:

It is the mark of a true believer that he does not depend upon others for his religion, but drinks water out of his own well, which springs up even when the cisterns of earth are all dried. Our holy poet amid a general depreciation of the law felt his own esteem of it rising so high that gold and silver sank in comparison. Wealth brings with it so many conveniences that men naturally esteem it, and gold as the symbol of it is much set by; and yet, in the judgment of the wise, God’s laws are more enriching, and bring with them more comfort than all the choicest treasures.

The Psalmist could not boast that he always kept the commands; but he could declare that he loved them; he was perfect in heart, and would fain have been perfect in life. He judged God’s holy commands to be better than the best earthly thing, yea, better than the best sort of the best earthly thing; and this esteem was confirmed and forced into expression by those very oppositions of the world which drive hypocrites to forsake the Lord and his ways. (Spurgeon, C. H. (2009). The treasury of David: Psalms 111-119 (Vol. 5, p. 370). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.


I love Your commandments more than gold, yes, than fine gold! Thank You for giving me such a thirst for Your commands, Your word. May You keep my heart from being swayed and carried away by the luster of this world’s treasures. Do not let me be enticed by the riches or glitter that this world boasts of. Help me to be wise in my stewardship of this world’s goods. Do not let me grow confidence in this world’s treasures or economy. They will let me down, but You are faithful. You are my provider! You are my God!


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